Let’s get the intro over with.

Name’s Jordan. 28. From the heart of America’s best kept secret (Utah), currently living with my wonderful soldier husband in Germany. Newlywed, and along with the man came 3 young girls (7, 10, 11) who remain in the states. This is changing soon as they are coming to Germany for the summer and the oldest is staying with us permanently from there on out.

I’m a big old softie with a sharp edged tongue. I stand firm in my convictions which can be…problematic for me (or others, really) at times. I like puppies and people, most of all. Friends are my family and most of my family are my friends. Do I date myself if I say that I am “hella blessed”?

I imagine the majority of the contents of this blog will be me trying to reconcile my feelings, my yearning to share my revelations, and the endless need to just VENT from time to time. I have a lot of fear and reservations about what it means to be a new stepparent to very impressionable young people who are stuck in painful circumstances – I am constantly trying to endeavor to better their world while also aptly preparing them for it, cruel as it may be. I am suffering repercussions of setting a hard boundary with my new mother-in-law and her husband, and as a result am already feeling angered and estranged from some of the family I married into. My money bets there’ll be a metaphoriocal novel on that stuff, to come. A blogvel? Here’s hoping that this helps me sort though the mess in my mind.

I’m very eager to learn from and connect with other people who feel inclined to sort out their thoughts in written form. I got a fire in me belly; cheers, blogosphere!




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